Company History


Mobile Conversions, Inc., established in 1993, is located in a new 16,000 sq ft manufacturing facility on 19 acres, designs and builds special purpose vehicles, has 50′ welding tables for walls and floor, “A” frame hoists to set bodies on chassis, and has certified welders for aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Machinery includes multiple welding machines, milling machines, lathes, Plasma cam machine, shear and brake. As well as building special purpose vehicles, Mobile Conversions builds special purpose lifts and leveling systems to include custom hydraulic cylinders. Mobile Conversions builds its own fiberglass molds for its bus and trailer products, as well as designing its own upper and lower body rail custom aluminum extrusions dies. The total body, to include custom wood work and interior, is built in Mobile Conversions’ facility in Amelia, Ohio.

From its inception, Mobile Conversions has regularly built mobile medical, emergency, Homeland Security and exhibit coaches in bus, trailer and transportable building formats. Mobile Conversions also refurbishes fire trucks to include awards for paint work and attention to detail, and is also an Ohio certified manufacturer of steel buildings.

Mobile Conversions refurbishes and repairs all mobile manufacturers’ special purpose vehicles and has designed and rented special purpose vehicles to FEMA for medical purposes during the Katrina Disaster, as well as dental and health screening trailers for short and long term.

Mobile Conversions has a First Emergency Disaster plan which would be beneficial to the United States following any natural or man-made disaster.

In summary, Mobile Conversions is a small, innovative special purpose vehicle manufacturing company with a “Can Do” attitude.