Mammography ● Bone Density ● Health Screening ● Dentistry ● Nuclear Imaging ● PET CT ● CT ● Veterinary ● Physical Therapy ● Transport ● MRI ● BMI


Mobile Conversions can custom design and build any type of medical clinic for your specific need and is certified to install most major medical manufacturer’s equipment. Having passed stringent environmental, road, shock and vibration and military tests, our units are specially designed to minimize shock, vibration, and noise, as well as provide ease of use to the operator.

Our products offer a variety of mobile formats to meet your needs and budget. The descriptions of our mobile medical products are, but not limited to, as follows:

45' Executive Series Rear Engine

40' Executive Series Rear Engine

37' Executive Series Front Engine

Cab & Chassis Coach


Transportable Building

Utility Body

Our coaches, “BUILT FOR LONG LIFE”, include the following custom features as required:
Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
Leveling Systems
Wheelchair Lifts
Powered Stair Systems
Remote Control Features
No Corrosion Bodies
No Paint Bodies
Panoramic View Windows
Our engineers thrive on design challenges that inspire creativity and innovation that manifest itself in our state-of-the-art world class medical coaches.

Your custom “BUILT FOR LONG LIFE” coach will include the latest technology in custom coach building.