Units for Sale and for Rent


12′ X 60′ Transportable Medical Building


40′ Health Screening Coach

Health Screening Trailer

Primary Care Health Screening Coach


Three Operatory Dental Trailer – One Expandable Side


Three Operatory Dental Trailer

Transportable Building


Two Operatory Dental Coach


Some of these coaches are “ready to go”, however, each one of these coaches is available for refurbishment or conversion for your specific application and decor.

Existing coach modalities can be changed to meet your requirements and can be tailored to fit your budget.

Complete refurbishment services to include interior remodeling and exterior restoration and full body graphics are available.

Mobile Conversions International maintains an inventory of Mobile Units that are “For Sale” or “For Lease.” Interested parties should contact us for prices to purchase or to lease any of the mobile units.